Read "A View" in Matter Magazine

"The spire was like an upside-down cone wrapped in aluminum sheathing and he saw bits of pink insulation, like pieces of cotton candy, sticking out from the seams in the aluminum. He looked all around and realized he was several stories above the ground. But he was surrounded by the house, too. There was no roof to get upon, the spire was built upon the central core of the staircase. He clung to the metal sheathing and threw both arms around the spire and climbed as high as he could. He searched the layout of the house below for some clue as to how he could find his way to the bottom—but it was no use looking at it from the outside. The land stretched for miles in all directions and the wind picked up and blew on his face. The forest grew out along the horizon like an endless, fecund, rolling ocean of life. He was afraid, but at the same time felt more alive than he ever had: he was in awe of the view and felt that he was just a tiny piece in all of it. A low cloud glided silently by and the cloud was so thick it looked like he could just step on to it. He realized how unhappy he was. His heart was pounding and he tried to picture a life that was better for himself. . . ."

Wolverine Farm Publishing has published "A View," in its latest issue of Matter Magazine. The magazine also includes an illustrated chapbook, "Tree Climbing In Fort Collins," by Charles J. Malone. Matter Magazine is available here.