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"Where I Stay" is selected as one of the best poetry books of 2009 by No Tells writer Julie Babcock.

"Zornoza drives a transcendently blurry line between poetry, prose, and art. This book is going to haunt me for a long time."

It is also a pick for No Tells holiday shopping guide. See here to find author Kim Gek Lin Short's other suggestions.

Poet Steven Karl also picks "Where I Stay" as one of his top three books of 2009. Read more of his picks over at HTML Giant.

Shapiro and Zornoza: November 16, 2009, New York, NY

Fiction Forum

with Susan Shapiro and Andrew Zornoza
6:30 p.m. @ the Alvin Johnson/J. M. Kaplan Hall
66 West 12th Street, Room 510
Admission: $5; free to all students and New School faculty, staff, and alumni with ID
Moderated by Luis Jaramillo, associate chair, The New School Writing Program.

Shapiro's work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, and The Village Voice. She is the author of the memoirs Only as Good as Your Word and Lighting Up as well as Five Men Who Broke My Heart, which was optioned for a feature film. Speed Shrinking is her first novel.

Zornoza is a writer and visual artist from Houston. He is the author of the novel Where I Stay. His fiction and essays have appeared in magazines such as Gastronomica, Sleepingfish, Confrontation, and CapGun. He has taught at The New School University, Gotham Writers' Workshop and the ASA Institute. He lives in New York City.

Upcoming NYC Reading

September 25 // 7:30 PM\

Admission: $5 + FREE DRINK!
The Earshot Reading Series
Hosted by Nicole Steinberg

Rose Live Music 345 Grand Street (b/w Havemeyer & Marcy)Brooklyn, NY 11211(718) 599-0069

Sarah Sarai, Andrew Zornoza, Paul Hlava, Nicole Feldman, Justin Boening

New interview, review and more. . . .

TBA, two author readings in New York City, September 25th in Williamsburg for the Earshot series and November 16th with Susan Shapiro (Five Men Who Broke My Heart) at Kaplan Hall, 66 West 12th Street

Author interview here, from Chicago's Bookish Us.

And a new review, by Marc Schuster, "As haunting as it is gritty, Where I Stay has the feel of an impressionist watercolor . . . Indeed, I hesitate to simply call it a book; its ambitions, beautifully realized, make it a hybrid of textual and visual arts. Like all of my favorite works of art, Where I Stay has the capacity to evoke something akin to an out of body experience, to propel the reader into unfamiliar territory. . . ."

Reviews of "Where I Stay"

Early reviews of Where I Stay have been rolling in. More to come,

Here's Blake Butler at HTML Giant: "Refreshing, pitch-perfect kind of steering that is innovative not only for the genre it might get called into, but for experiential and language-focused texts of every stripe."

click here for the full review. . . .

Sebald scholar Terry Pitts:

"There are a few snapshots of people, none of whom receive the heroic treatment of Walker Evans’ sharecroppers. Only the occasional landscape image offers a possible solace – the open sky, the sunset, the forests that consume the old shacks and abandoned automobiles. . . .

click here for the full review. . . .

Cynthia Reeser, critic at New Pages:

"The movement of people and lives; chance meetings between strangers destined never to cross paths again; moments that can never be recreated; the uncertainty of people, place, relationships – all collide across culture and class, gender and race to form an anthem of displacement. The author deftly – and in spite of himself, seamlessly – weaves common threads that, by the end of the book, form a recognizable whole. Where I Stay is a story of a search for a home, for permanence, and ultimately for meaning."

read the full review. . . .

and, finally, poet Steven Karl at Lovers' Last Go Around:

"Both Peet and Zornoza’s books are examples of not submitting to a status quo in literature, instead they use the traits once synonymous with Wong Kar-wai: originality, vision, risks, and experimentation to give you back this country as it is: flawed, fractured, hypocritical, greedy, beautiful, breathtaking, mesmerizing. . . ."

read the full review. . . .


Come celebrate with Andrew Zornoza
Please come join me, the author, for a party to celebrate the official launching of my new novel "Where I Stay."
Time:7:30PM Wednesday, July 1st
Location:Abilene's Bar

Reading, Wednesday June 24th

The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series welcomes Andrew Zornoza, Rachel Sontag, and Kerry Cohen to Bar on A. Join us at 7:30 P.M.

More details, here.

And for more information on the Guerrilla Lit Reading series, see:

New Book is Here!

Andrew Zornoza's new novel "Where I Stay" is now available from Tarpaulin Sky Press! Get an early copy here.

Lance Olsen calls it . . . "A gifted journey through borderlands between text and image, glassy prose and suggestively indirect prose poem, facts and fictions, sanity and the other thing, but most of all those borderlands crossed and recrossed on the West's back roads—the kind that always exist just off the grid, just below the radar, and always in beautiful pieces."

. . . Super Flat Times author Matthew Derby says,

"Consider Andrew Zornoza's "Where I Stay" a loose retelling of Werner Herzog's 1974 march from Munich to Paris to try to save a dying friend—only set in the arid, ominous nowherescape of the contemporary Southwest and composed by a strung-out W.G. Sebald. Zornoza dedicates the book to "all those he's lied to" before prosecuting a narrative in stark photographs and crisp, lurid text that will make you wish we had more liars like him in the world."

. . . and Edmund White award winner Martin Hyatt says,

Andrew Zornoza writes with the precision of a poet and delicately creates a haunting, glowing world of dreams and beauty. The language and images of "Where I Stay" make you want to step inside the pages, to travel down the road with the author. Books like this remind us of what true art really looks like.

See ( for more.

Reading Saturday May 30th In NYC



Saturday, May 30th @ 3 PM
Cake Shop
152 Ludlow Street
New York City

MICHAEL MUHAMMAD KNIGHT’s work has been censored, boycotted,
confiscated, and threatened with legal action. He is the author of The
Taqwacores, Blue-Eyed Devil, The Five Percenters, and Impossible Man,
and his novel Osama Van Halen is forthcoming from Soft Skull Press
this spring. He is a frequent speaker at colleges and academic
conferences. The feature film adaptation of The Taqwacores is
currently in post-production, and a documentary about the taqwacore
movement his novel created is also nearing completion. His travelogue
Journey to the End of Islam is forthcoming from Soft Skull in December
2009. He lives in New York state.

CRISTY C. ROAD is a writer and illustrator who’s obsessed with human
imperfection and deconstructing the norms which have sheltered her
world. Aside from illustrating for countless record covers, book
covers, radical organizations, and magazine articles; Road published
an independent zine, Greenzine for ten years, and has released three
books - “Indestructible”, a graphic memoir about being a teenage
Latina, queer punk in High School; and Distance Makes the Heart Grow
Sick”, a postcard collection. She recently released “BAD HABITS”, an
Illustrated love story about a faltering human heart's telepathic
connections to the destruction of New York City. She currently
hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.

ANDREW ZORNOZA is a writer and visual artist born in Houston, Texas.
He is the author of the photo-prose novel, "Where I Stay," (Tarpaulin
Sky Press, 2009). His fiction and essays have appeared in magazines
such as, Sleepingfish, Confrontation, Porcupine Literary Arts, CapGun,
H.O.W and Matter Magazine, among others. He can be found teaching
writing at The New School University and fiction at Gotham Writer's

"Language constitutes a set of codes and social agreements. Speaking
nonsense does not per se break down the codes; speaking precisely that
which the code forbids breaks the code." - ????

Know where this quote comes from? Stop by Cake Shop on the 30th and
find out. You're invited in.

The Enclave is a writers’ collective based out of New York City that
aims to present innovative writing to the public. We host monthly
readings at Cake Shop in the Lower East Side. Our next reading will be
held Saturday June 27th @ 4pm and will feature Paul Ford, Doree
Shafrir and Marty Beckerman. For more information on this reading and
other upcoming Enclave events go to:

Restaurant Roundup

The spring issue of Gastronomica is out! Andrew's "Restaurant Round-Up" graces the final pages as the fiction selection for this edition. RR is the story of a food critic wandering a post-apocalyptic New York trying to keep the city gastronomically relevant while making peace with the past. It's an ode to a world to short-lived for the likes of Dom DiFara, the Second Avenue Deli, Delmonico's, Taqueria CanCun, and Spumoni Gardens. . . .

Upcoming Events

Upcoming New York Events with the author.

May 13. Silent Auction and Launch for H.O.W. (Helping Orphans Worldwide) Magazine at the Bowery Poetry Club (380 Bowery). 7:00PM. With music from Drug Rug and readings by Sam Lipsyte and Eileen Myles.

May 24 440 Gallery at 4:40 PM.
Reading with the artist Shanee Epstein at the 440 Gallery.

May 29 Enclave Reading Series at The Cake Shop. Andrew reads with Michael Muhammed Knight, author of The Taqwacores. And Christy C. Road author of Bad Habits.

June 26 Guerilla Reading Series. Reading with Rachel Sontag, author of the memoir, House Rules.

Read excerpts at Sleepingfish

Sleepingfish, the magazine of avant-garde poetics, visual art, and experimental fiction, is hosting a sample of Andrew's work as a part of its N + 1 series. Created by Calimari Press founder Derek White, the series has published artists such as Mathias Svalina, Jimmy Chen, Fortunato Salazar, and Shane Jones. View here.